Saturday, March 18, 2006

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Charles claims victory in Hong Kong diary case

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Charles claims victory in Hong Kong diary case

The historian and royal biographer Robert Lacey (read, Charlie's pet propagandist) said last night "The phone-ins cannot find anyone to speak out against him today and in support of the newspapers. Prince Charles appears to be carving out this creaky role in national life and people seem to be growing fond of his outbursts and gaffes."

The fact that I did not "phone-in" to somewhere or other can not be taken as proof that I am in support of this imbecile. I can't even remember when it was announced that "phone-ins" were the new way that truth and sense would be discovered. Any idiot who hands out copies of his diary to over a hundred people should not be totally surprised when they are published. And a judge caving in to pressure from some inbred "royal" cretin is not proof of a legal principle, just proof that sycophancy exists.

The "creaky role in public life" looks to me like an overprivileged millionaire dimwit who has not yet had a proper job, in spite of being handed a university degree without having to do anything remotely like real studying, given pretend military positions that involve lots of fancy uniforms and parades but no chance of getting shot like real soldiers do, and going around making stupid remarks that sound increasingly like his impressively racist father. As for "growing fond of his outbursts and gaffes", I find him cringe-makingly embarassing, and desperately hope that the rest of the world does not believe that he represents me and my opinions in any way at all. So there.

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