Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sharing a post from Tom Pride.

I like Tom Pride's blog a lot. So if he asks readers to share something, well why ever not? Especially if it is a post about something that could affect me.

It seems the police in Hastings have been helping a bad landlord to threaten somebody who has complained. The police have claimed that using cartoons as part of a website that complains is illegal.

Tom Pride's blog post about cartoons and Hastings Police.

And this is the site that has the cartoons.

Let us be quite clear about this. In some countries, it may well be illegal to draw cartoons. But not this country. Otherwise it wouldn't be safe for me to put any text on this nice picture of some of the Hastings police.


Unknown said...

i think the landlords must of bunged the police a few quid.

Miss B said...


I am the owner and blogger of the problem with rogue landlords, abusive bullying estate agents and strange midnight email encounters with the police.

Thank you for re sharing this. And thank you for your creative picture of Hastings Police.

Can I pinch it and use it.

I am already asking people to Post a Knob door handle, or cartoon penis) in protest at censorship of the humble manhood.

I wonder if people could make interesting and creative images to support this cause.

I was also the creator of the site which came into legal challenges with the Mighty Atos due to our depiction of their fish and ATOS KILLS around it.

In response I posted the image of the fish with "SUE ME!" coming out of its mouth.

We are here again, when police and legal action and bullies are more bothered about a picture than the actual disrepair and unsafe property, intimidation and abuse or destruction of disabled people's lives.

Thank you again for your help and support.

Xxx Aunty Admin
June Knight

Doctor Dark said...

Miss B, I'm a bit thick this morning and can't see how to reply to you directly. Help yourself to this picture, and use it as you wish. I took it from the web, so it wasn't mine to start with. Tip, you can use the picture editor of to make the speech balloons, I do.