Monday, March 10, 2014

When will Labour wake up?

I fear I may have a surplus word in that title. Perhaps we should all be asking "Will Labour wake up?"

They currently seem to be drifting along, occasionally announcing some trivial alteration they will make to the disaster the Tories are making of everything except making rich people richer, poor people poorer, and the NHS utterly destroyed.

If I was one of their "leaders", I would be announcing that I would reverse all the damage the Tory scum have done, and then moving things even further along in the direction of decency, freedom and general common sense.

If this is some bloody fool Labour PR person's idea of an "election strategy", it's a ruddy disaster. 

Meanwhile, there are huge numbers of people organising something better, and thank you for that, the Peoples' Assembly. And all we get from Labour is a fund-raising campaign on Twatter, like this...

I've been wasting my time asking them questions like that for months and months on end. I know they should be jolly busy, and one voter is utterly unimportant to a millionaire like whichever Miliband it is that didn't piss off to New York in pursuit of more money, but come on, guys! Try to make it look a bit like you might be about to wake up from your fucking five year coma.

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