Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Putting things in sensible, logical places.

When we arrived at our temporary house, I couldn't find the keys to unlock the filing cabinet, so I could put the files back in it. You know how it is. They were in boxes because the cabinet was too heavy to move when it was full. 

I was sure I had put the keys somewhere safe, and logical, when they were handed to me by the movers.

A month after we moved, I still couldn't remember where that logical place was.

I was about to see if a locksmith could open the filing cabinet, but thought I'd turn it over to see if there was a way to get at the mechanism from underneath, which was something you could do with some kinds of old metal filing cabinets. There isn't.
So I stood it back up. It occurred to me that there might be screws on the back, so I turned it to one side, a bit.

 No screws, but...

Sure enough, in a safe, logical place...

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