Thursday, February 12, 2015

In other news...

Rather than make several posts to bother you, I thought I'd just sling a few unrelated small items together.

My new fan club

I noticed today, that I have apparently suddenly become of interest to several young women, most of whom are falling over in their profile pictures. Why they all circled me, I cannot tell. Perhaps the oncoming St Valentine's Day Massacre has something to do with it?

I should also like to point out that my actual loved one does not look like that, but like this...

Frankly, selfies in underwear are a bit vieux chapeau, compared with a wet suit and diving mask. Wouldn't you agree, ladies?

A bit of politics, now.

The Political Compass

That's the name of a web site I looked at a while ago, to see where I fit in, in political terms.

I have to say, I thought I was a bit more of a Leftie than that. Ho, hum.

And finally...

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