Thursday, April 02, 2015

Absurd email from the Tories.

The Tories, bless their vile, twisted, hate-filled, black hearts, don't care who they send their "briefing notes" to. They sent me this pile of steaming droppings today, at about 2pm. It's full of ludicrous assumptions, and the usual quotient of absolute lies. My comments have the same background colour as this bit.

Here's your briefing note ahead of tonight's #leadersdebate, with the 6 key points everyone watching it needs to know:

Because they think you are too stupid to understand it without them holding your hands, and miserable little "key points" are all your non-Tory brain can cope with, rather than any sweeping visions of a great future. And that scribbled tree with the flag draped over it tells you... what? That they are ecologically sound? Hardly. And isn't patriotism supposed to be the last refuge of scoundrels? Moving on...

1) 1000 NEW JOBS EVERY DAY. We've helped create 1,000 new jobs every day since 2010 - meaning 1,000 more people every day with the security of a pay packet.

So, 1000 new jobs every day, for five years, that's 1,825,000 jobs. It's no wonder some people are having to do 3 jobs each. I can't find any actual information online as to what these jobs are, whether there was a useful amount in that wonderfully old-fashioned pay packet, and whether all of them are supposed to be still running, or they were little twenty minute errands. It's a pretty sloppy claim, and they will take full advantage of the fact you can't check something that vague anyway.

2) THE DEFICIT HALVED. Labour left Britain with the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history. We've halved that as a share of our economy, and are building a Britain that lives within its means.

This, as the Office of Budget Responsibility, the Independent and the Spectator have pointed out is at the very least a cynical mangling of statistical techniques, or what most would call a bare-faced lie, which only works if you pretend they have not hugely shrunk the economy.
The claim that Labour left behind a mess is another stupid Tory lie, but let's move on...

3) INCOME TAX CUT AND BENEFITS CAPPED. We're rewarding work, by cutting income tax for over 26 million people and making sure it always pays to work.

Here's another suitably vague claim. Huge cuts in tax for the super rich, and tiny cuts for those who still don't get paid enough to live on, that's not rewarding work. And what about people who can't work? Oh, hang on, the Tories don't care about the disabled. We've all noticed that.

4) LABOUR = MORE TAXES, MORE DEBT. Ed Miliband's only plans are more spending, more debt, higher benefits, and more taxes. Every working family would face a £3,028 tax rise if he got into power.

You have to admire the utterly monstrous hypocrisy of this claim, coming from the troupe of clowns that has borrowed more money in five years than Labour did in 13. The idiotic idea that spending is bad, when it's actually what stimulates the economy, is typical of the austerity fools. Not collecting tax from corporations who are siphoning all the money out of the economy is how the Tories have turned a problem into a disaster. Oh, and how does Dave know all of Ed's plans? He doesn't. But he loves to brag. And that £3,028 claim? Here is an explanation of that lie.

5) THE SNP + LABOUR = CHAOS. The only way Ed Miliband can get into power is with the help of Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond - and that would mean £148bn more debt, unlimited benefits and weaker defences with Trident scrapped.

Here, the Tory fiction writer has shown they believe that even if everyone voted Labour, they still wouldn't get an absolute majority. Stupid claim. And it's not made any more convincing by magicking the figure of £148bn of extra debt out of thin air. From the party that has borrowed more money in five years than Labour did in 13, this is thin stuff indeed. And, sadly, Ed thinks we need to keep our Trident missiles, in case we need to defend ourselves by killing everyone in the world.

6) AN EU REFERENDUM. Labour and the Lib Dems won't give people a referendum. UKIP can't - and a vote for them only makes it more likely that Ed Miliband will become Prime Minister. Only the Conservatives can and will deliver an EU referendum - and by the end of 2017.

I'm bored sick of Cameron constantly going on, and on, and on, about how he will give us a referendum, by some date that is constantly drifting further into the future, presumably into his fifth term as Emperor. Apart from anything else, has nobody told him that well over half of us want to stay in the EU, because we know it's a good thing, and could be even better if we worked with it? Any damned fool could deliver an unnecessary referendum. Only Callmedave thinks he needs to.

We need your help to get these key messages out there.

Here you go, Dave, you pompous ass, I've helped to spread your message. 

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