Friday, June 05, 2015

I has saz!

I present an unboxing! The ParcelForce guy was surprised this box was so light!

It contained monstrous amounts of bubble wrap...

Getting there...

There's another layer!

The gig bag is revealed...

The short necked saz, undamaged by the shipping. Does anyone want to come and get two huge bundles of bubble wrap?

And here's a back view. You can't see them in this shot, but the huge pictures on eBay had what I thought might be traces of a repair job to the bowl.

Here is a part of the shot on eBay. Completely honest selling by a really helpful seller, which is the right way to do it.

I made my bid based on the probability of a repair being there, and it turns out it was right to do so. Looking in through the sound hole, without flash, I saw light coming through glue. But the bowl is sound, solidly re-glued, and has been nicely re-varnished as well.

And here's the same shot, with the flash turned on. A pretty tidy repair!

I have tuned the saz, as closely as I could manage it with my electronic tuner. Those wooden peg tuners can be a real struggle! The tone is lovely, and I'm looking forward to attempting to play this. It may be necessary to adjust some of the frets, but perhaps I will just get used to the weird intervals!

1 comment:

Doctor Dark said...

I freely admit I never did manage to get a decent tune out of this.
In then end, I sold it to somebody who said it was fora young lad in Neath.
Hey, kid, if it was you, send us recordings when you get good!