Thursday, December 10, 2015

Purely Rye Sourdough - Part 3

Hubris, or something like that.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything conspires against you? The loaf in the foreground, that I was going to bake while the rye sourdough in the background took its time to rise, was looking so good. It was a lovely, bouncy dough, and was rising nicely, as you can see. 

Meanwhile, the rye sourdough has possibly risen by an imperceptible amount. It wasn't totally inactive, though, as it was able to cast some sort of dreadful curse upon the pretty young loaf in the foreground. 

I clearly didn't score the top of the loaf sufficiently deeply, or perhaps the cuts somehow managed to close themselves. 

Then, I forgot to throw a cup of water on the bottom of the oven, so that the steam would allow the top of the loaf to stretch, before setting in a nice curved shape. So, the top set flat, and the continuing expansion of the inside eventually cracked one end of the loaf, and the inside attempted to escape that way, resulting in the bizarre shape you see here. 

That was bad enough. I had also forgotten that the loaf tin had been washed, and I neglected to grease it with oil or butter. The loaf stuck itself very firmly to the tin. Sometimes you can cut round them, but with this one, the bottom had stuck like glue, and it split.

Remember, when somebody sets themselves up to write about how to make bread, or do some other clever thing, they may not be as clever, or helpful, as they intend to be.

Maybe I should have quietly thrown this abomination in the bin, started another one, and made myself look good? Well, at least I am being truthful, and there are lessons to learn. Checking the tin to see if it needs greasing, scoring the top of the loaf properly, throwing water into the oven to create steam...

Today, we have learned, or relearned these things. The hard way.

Meanwhile, the sourdough is sitting sniggering. It's not going near the oven until I am sure it's completely ready. If it ever is. We can but hope.

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