Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rambling in the Kitchen

After one of my ancient bread tins pulled a loaf in half, I bit the bullet, and bought two new ones. They're a bit smaller than the old ones, and have a non-stick coating. The instructions that came with them say they shouldn't be used at any higher temperature than 230°C, which is annoying, as quite a few recipes suggest that 240°C is the temperature to use. I don't know how accurate the oven settings are, in any case, so I will ignore the warning. I'll let you know if the coating falls off.

I was considering whether to cook something complex for our Christmas dinner, but decided to take the easy route this year, and chose a turkey crown. That will do for a couple of days, at least! We have had a commercial three bird roast in the past, and I was quite disappointed with it, because it had an awful lot of stuffing compared with the amount of actual bird meat, and was impossible to slice neatly. I do intend to do another three bird roast, some day, but I will try to use a minimal amount of stuffing, and use mostly sausage-meat, maybe with some chestnuts.

These chicken wings were cooked in our air fryer, and were very pleasant, but having to put the basket in the dishwasher to remove the burnt spices and remaining chicken fat was a bit annoying. You don't get that problem when you do chips in them. Still, at least quite a lot of the fat didn't get eaten, so that's good.

 As threatened recently, I made a few pastrami on rye sandwiches. It's supposed to be a classic combination, and they do go together very well. The price of the pastrami in the shop, at £3 for 110g, is ridiculous, though. It's brisket, for goodness' sake. I will most definitely make my own, some time. When I do, you'll see it on here...

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