Friday, January 15, 2016

Better rye bread.

I decided to have another try at making an all-rye sourdough loaf. This time, I used a Kenwood Chef to knead it for ages, as there's almost no gluten in rye. After very careful shaping, here it is, sitting in the tin. It needs to double in size before baking. After waiting all afternoon, I gave up and left it to the next day.
That did the trick, or very nearly so, as you can see. About eighteen hours proving! The starter was nowhere near active enough, I think. Anyway, into the oven with it, on a hot stone, and plenty of water at the bottom of the oven, to make steam. Halfway through the baking, it's supposed to be knocked out of the tin, and continue cooking on the stone. It was stuck to the non-stick tin. Anyway, I put it back in the oven, and let it finish baking in the tin.

It was still stuck to the tin. Instead of trying to hack it out, I sealed it in the tin with foil, and left it upside down while I went shopping. My plan worked, and the steam still in the loaf unstuck it from the tin. So, there's a tip that may help you!
Here's the loaf. I tasted a slice, and it was very tasty indeed. Somehow, I forgot to take a picture to show you the crumb. I'll try to remember next time I cut a slice...

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