Sunday, January 24, 2016

Burns Night comes early in Wales.

Well, Burns Night doesn't really happen earlier in Wales, but when one of you is going to be away on the actual night, it makes sense. Sadly, I completely forgot to arrange for a piper to pipe the haggis into the dining room, and the food would have gone cold if we had read all of Burns' ode to the beastie...

I put those sauce jars on the table for no sensible reason, and neither of them got used. The potatoes were roasted in a little olive oil, with a sprinkling of salt. In the dish with them are a couple of Jerusalem artichokes that needed to be used up. To the left, mashed swede and onion; to the right, mashed parsnip and turnip. Simon Howie's haggis has a plastic skin, but the contents are very authentic, and delicious.
Here's mine. It was very tasty, but extremely filling. It was a good job I had forgotten to make any dessert!

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