Saturday, January 09, 2016

Full size Lomo. Dedicated to Roy Batty.

The Lomo I've made a couple of times was really rather under-sized. That was because I had used pork tenderloin, when it should really be made from pork loin. The last time I was in Tesco, I spotted this fine special offer, at £4 per kilo, right next to the same item at £5 per kilo! The string to hold it in shape for roasting, and the layer of fat, or skin, on one side had to go, of course.
 So, here it is, in all its meaty glory, ready to go into its first process, the cure that removes quite a lot of liquid from it. I used about 200g of cheap cooking salt, 100g of sugar, and about 20g of smoked paprika, the delicious Spanish pimenton that I love.
Into the cure it goes!

To the right, you can see part of an earlier mini-lomo, and a few slices I cut off for testing purposes. The test was a delicious success, of course.

I started this one on January 8th, 2016, which any Blade Runner fan will tell you was Roy Batty's Incept date, in case you were wondering about the title I chose.

A day later, and you can see that the cure has taken a lot of fluid out of the meat. I turned it over, and put it back in the fridge for a couple more days.

It will then have to be dried, tied up, weighed, and hung up somewhere cool and dry. I should really make a drying cage to hang it outdoors, if I can. Then it will have to lose another 30% of its weight before we can start eating it.

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