Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Seedy difference.

This is the "seeded sour" bread from Brilliant Bread. I increased the amount of rye flour, and reduced the amount of strong white flour.
The seeds need to be toasted in a dry frying pan, until the sunflower seeds start to look noticeably coloured. By this time, the sesame seeds are smelling lovely, like toasted sesame oil. There's enough poppy seeds in this to make you fail a drugs test in America. See if I care...
Good grief, I've been using the same cheap plastic bowl for about 37 years. I'm introducing the toasted seeds to the dough here, as you can see.
Let this interesting dough rest for as long as it seems to want. Overnight in the fridge is pretty much a minimum. The recipe described this as a wet dough. I think it's not particularly wet. I used a tin, and my baking stone. New addition was a dish of boiling water at the bottom of the oven, to produce steam, so the bread could stretch as it cooked.

I am pleased with the look of the result, and looking forward to trying it with a nice Worcester blue cheese I bought the other day. It might even warrant a glass of a decent red wine to help the cheese go down.

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