Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Sunday - some nice, ordinary food.

Here's a loaf of white bread that has just gone into the oven, before the "oven spring" expansion has started. It's the ordinary yeasted white loaf, the first recipe in "Brilliant Bread".

And here it is a couple of minutes later, after the oven spring has started. I threw a cup of water into the tray at the bottom of the oven, when the loaf went in, so the crust wouldn't harden before the expansion got going. 

And here is the result, with a split on the left, in spite of my careful scoring, and the steam. This was a very active dough!
Meanwhile, I was also making a tasty bacon, chorizo, chicken, and potato stew to feed us. There's no recipe, as this is just something I make "out of my head".

Forgive the hasty post, and boring formatting. The Blogger editor screws up my work quite horribly at times. When I try to move a picture, it deletes a nearby one....

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