Thursday, February 04, 2016

Hack, slice, chop! Money saved...

Mr Tesco let me have two chickens for £9. That was nice of him.

I sharpened up one of my favourite knives, ready to save some money, and attacked.

The prices below are my guesses, based on the Tesco website.
Four chicken thighs, £2.

Four chicken drumsticks, £2.

Yes, I know they are a bit untidily cut. I'm badly out of practice at this sort of thing.
Four chicken breasts, £4.

Four chicken wings, no idea, as they aren't sold in such small numbers.
All cling-filmed to keep them separate, apart from the wings, which I am saving up until I have a big box of them packed and ready to cook. And off to the freezer they go!

So, you might wonder, where's the money saving? Ah, well, you see, all the bits that were left are currently bubbling away cheerfully in the stock pot. There will be quite a bit of stock, and the fat that I will take off the top is lovely for cooking.

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