Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It was very quiet. But I'm back.

I managed to mess my main computer up, to a colossal degree, a few days ago. The recovery seems to be working, touch wood.

Here is the pork pie I made. There are minor technical faults, for instance, I should have domed the meat, to make it easier to fill it up with jelly where the meat has shrunk away from the sides. But I'm very pleased with the pastry, the delicious flavour of the meat (perhaps ever so slightly too much nutmeg), and the appearance of the thing.
As you can see, that gap at the side should have been filled with yummy jelly, which would have helped it to keep longer. But then, as it is all gone now, I can't see a problem with that.

Next time, I think I will attempt a raised pie, cooked without the benefit of a tin to support it. And I will probably use different meat and flavourings. Some duck would probably be good.

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