Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Gardening 0001

These nice plants arrived today. I hope they are the type of tall, very thin, conifer we were expecting. I decided to plant them in a row, out in the front garden, so they would hide my view of the house next door, when I'm watching the television, when they get big enough. I'm sure the neighbours don't want to look in at me, either.

So, can I just dig five little holes, and pop them in the ground? Not a chance!

I was already well aware of the problem the builders had left us with, as weeds keep poking up through a foot wide strip at the edge of the graveled area.
As you can see, the builders were too tight to extend the anti-weed membrane all the way to the edge of the area they were putting the gravel on. You can remove most of the gravel by swiping at it with a trowel, but for the rest it is necessary to use fingers. I spent the time this took considering whether there would be room to bury a builder or two, if I could catch them.
This is the first bit of the weed membrane we had to buy to finish the job. It's better quality than the initial lot, which frays at the edges if you just look at it a bit hard. Look! Weeds at the top of the picture! I was very good, and didn't throw the ones I dug out onto next door's garden.
And here is the result. I was going to say "here are the fruits of my labours" but it just sounded wrong to call trees fruits. Here are five little trees, which I hope will become five tall, thin trees. 

The garden must surely be approaching something like, oh, I don't know, 2% finished....

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Doctor Dark said...

The three trees on the left are growing nicely, tall and thin. Tree four died, and tree five has decided to be short and fat.