Friday, June 21, 2019

What was du Pont of that?

I sell stuff on eBay. It's mostly stuff we bought a while ago, own, and no longer want. Shortly after I sold an old pair of dive gloves to somebody, I got this email...

When I investigated, I found the complaint had been made by somebody at E. I. di Pont de Nemours and Company, who has nothing better to do with their time than find people using the word Kevlar in the description of a pair of old gloves with Kevlar in them, which was indicated by the use of the word Kevlar on a label attached to the gloves, and force eBay to take down the listing containing the word Kevlar.

Am I supposed to sell the gloves by saying they are "reinforced with something jolly strong whose name I can't mention"? It's not as if I was claiming to have invented Kevlar, and the manufacturer of the gloves was proud that they contained Kevlar.

Do not read this aloud. If you do, du Pont will probably claim you have made an unauthorised broadcast of their registered trade name, Kevlar.

Kevlar Kevlar Kevlar 

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