Sunday, August 02, 2020

Greenhouse computer ravings continued.

Fat man in the greenhouse.

In the end, I got fed up with the temperate readings being messed up by the Sense HAT being inside the case, and no cooling fan being able to keep its sensors cool enough. I dispensed with the Sense HAT, which I will find some other use for, and put a cheap temperature and humidity sensor on wires lead out of the case.

Having arranged a shade to keep direct sunlight off the sensor, I now get sensible readings. I missed being able to look at the greenhouse and see the temperature scroll past, so I had the computer report temperature and humidity to another Pi indoors. 

Simple web site
That computer runs the Apache web server, and uses the incoming readings to make a simple web page, which I can look at from my main computer...


textA = ["<!doctype html>\n","<html lang=\"en\">\n","<head>\n","<meta charset=\"utf-8\">\n",
         "<title>Greenhouse</title>","<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"mystyle.css\">",
         "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"150\" >",
textZ = ["</body>\n","</html>\n"]

def update_greenhouse_website():
    global previous_time, greenhouse_temp_file_modified
    greenhouse_temp_file_modified = os.stat('/home/pi/ftp/files/gth.txt').st_mtime
    if greenhouse_temp_file_modified == previous_time:
        #print('Same time')
        textM = "No greenhouse data received.\nCheck greenhouse computer!"
        #print('New time')
        fp = open('/home/pi/ftp/files/gth.txt', 'r')
        textM =
    fp = open('/var/www/html/greenhouse.html', 'w')
    for line in textA:
    for line in textZ:
    previous_time = greenhouse_temp_file_modified  

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