Thursday, August 01, 2013

Tory chairman announces honesty is BAD!

Thank you, Daily Mirror, for this.

Try to ignore the way this nasty little Tory person looks like the foul love spawn of Tony Blair and David Cameron. No, really, try...

Apparently, he is jolly cross, exasperated, even, about bosses (surely the salt of the earth, without whom nobody would be able to exist) being forced to make up lies so they can sack workers. It would obviously suit them much better, he is saying, if they could just sack anyone, any time, for no reason at all, just because it gives them a hard willy. Because that would be better for all of us, obviously. Well, those who get more money when people lose their jobs, obviously. 

Clearly, if we all do exactly what this slippery turd says, Britain will be wonderful all the time. For the rich, anyway. Not so wonderful for absolutely everyone else. But nobody who matters will be poor, eh Granty-poos?

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