Friday, May 15, 2015

The Dear Leader's Diary- 15

I am getting rather annoyed at the way some people out there are using what they imagine to be humour to attempt to attack me. For instance, here is
something somebody has done, when they should have been working hard, which takes one of my jolly important speeches, and uses it in a sort of comic.

When I said that, I was clearly not wanting people to realise that it meant that we would be actively intolerant. Intolerant of crime, intolerant of the causes of crime, to quote my good friend Tory Blair. It's really unfair when the stuff my speech-writers invent is taken to be the policy of our totally united party, with its enormous majority of four.

We are going to make prudent cuts reforms to all sorts of wasteful spending like pensions and benefits, whether you obey the law or not,  and I will not tolerate these unpleasant attacks. Active intolerance is going to get you, if you dare criticise us!

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