Friday, February 13, 2015

Dear Leaders Looking At Things

Here we see two people who are dearly beloved leaders of their people, looking at computers. Being photographed looking at things is a very important part of being loved by your people, it would seem, especially when you are trying to trick people into re-electing you, which is only important to one of the dear leaders.

 Clearly, it is also important to have a hairstyle that makes you even more loved by your people. The lovely Callmedave has gone for an amusing little crest on the exciting wave at the front of his dynamically swept back hair, which will easily succeed in preventing people from thinking he is a moron with no clue how to do anything more with a computer than play Fruit Ninja while drunk. He has also, sensibly, been photographed with a much better camera than the other guy, whoever he is.

Then again, the beloved Kim Jong Whichever-one-this-is has no truck with elections, and that must make Callmedave very jealous.

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