Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Dear Leader Hairstyle

North Korea's Dear Leader, Kim Jong Un, has recently amazed the world with his wonderful new hair style. There is probably nothing one can do to one's appearance that is more effective in showing everyone that you really, really, really don't care at all what people think you about you, than to have a completely insane-looking hairstyle of your own invention.
Now, which other Dear Leader can you think of who would benefit from this sartorial inspiration? You guessed what I was going to do, didn't you? With his popularity waning in spite of his five or six photo-opportunities a day, Our own soon-to-be-dumped Dear Leader, David Cameron should perhaps try this. 
If nothing else, it will take attention away from the curious gestures he seems unable to stop making. I believe this one is called "Jazz Hands". The hair style would also make people think he was a dictator who it would be dangerous to try to remove. Please, when you see his posts on Google+, feel free to suggest this to him.

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